We believe in the College’s tradition of public service. IRCares, the service branch of the W&M IR Club, was founded in 2007 in an effort to expand the outreach of the club.

Each year we choose a different NGO (non-government organization) to raise money and awareness for, both at our conferences and throughout the William & Mary community. Our most popular fundraising event is the Developing World Gallery, which showcases photographs taken by students during their travels and seeks to provoke discussion about the way we represent the developing world. This year we will also be hosting our fourth annual Friend Auction, during which club members auction off their skills and time. Past entries have included a personal training session, a piece of artwork, or a private piano concert.

Additionally, we raise money at all 3 of our conferences, while spreading the world about our cause to delegates from different schools. Our fundraising efforts include committee-wide activities, snacks, and various apparel items you can purchase from our Service staff. No matter the fundraiser, 100% of our profits go towards the organizations we support. Click on the links below to learn about the groups we’ve partnered with over the years and see how you can help!