WMHSMUN's committees are designed to provide a variety of debate experiences. From our advanced Crisis Simulations to our Novice Committees, there's something for everyone. Historical committees run beside modern and forward-thinking bodies in an effort to educate delegates about where we've been to where we are to where we are going. We strive to provide top-notch Model UN experiences for every type of delegate here at WMHSMUN. Tips and suggestions for writing position papers and a brief handbook on Model UN guidelines can be found using the links at the bottom of this page.

The Novice Committees are designed to teach Model UN to students with fewer than one year of experience. They focus on an understanding of parliamentary procedure and the mechanics of debate in traditional UN bodies.

The General Assemblies are large, encompassing bodies with a range of foci. These are perfect for moderately experienced delegates who thrive on building consensus and voting blocs. Click on the GA Matrix link below to see what countries will be represented at WMHSMUN XXXI.

The Specialized Agencies are mid-sized, more unconventional bodies. This year, they will feature historical studies and innovative forums. These are ideal for students looking for a more "out of the box" Model UN experience.

The Crisis Committees comprise WMHSMUN's advanced division, featuring committee updates that shape debate. Experienced delegates with a handle on Model UN and the ability to work under pressure thrive here. Our flagship working group, the Secretary-General's Committee on Negotiation, is for Model UN veterans.