Name Topics Background Guide
African Union [Double Delegate]
Director: Ellie Rakoff
African Refugee Settlements
Environmental Protection and Conservation
Guide not available yet
Bilderberg Group [Double Delegate]
Director: Marie Murphy
Trump and NATO
Guide not available yet
Economic and Financial Committee 2008 [Double Delegate]
Director: Hannah Major
Government Response to the International Economic Crisis
The Investments in the Housing Markets
Guide not available yet
High Commission on Refugees [Double Delegate]
Director: Sophie Kidd
Education for Refugees
Creating Sustainable and Successful Settlements
Guide not available yet
International Olympic Committee [Double Delegate]
Director: Brianna Soccio
Host Candidate Procedure
Diversity and Inclusion
Guide not available yet
Special, Political, and Decolonization Committee [Double Delegate]
Director: Juliana Mitchell
Child Trafficking in Southeast Asia
Colonization in Space and Respecting Rights
Guide not available yet
UN Women [Double Delegate]
Director: Tanvi Kohli
Gender-Based Violence and Honor Killings
Promoting Women in Southeast Asia
Guide not available yet
World Health Organization 2050 [Double Delegate]
Director: Ashley Zhang
Antibiotic Resistance
Climate Change’s Impacts on Health
Guide not available yet
World Trade Organization [Double Delegate]
Director: TBD
Guide not available yet