Jason Nykorczuk, Secretary-General

Jason Nykorczuk is a senior at William and Mary from central New Jersey, eager for conference weekend to arrive. Though a Geology major, Jason has been participating in the college's International Relations Club since his freshman year. Having worked as USG-GA and Registration Director of WMHSMUN previously, Jason is incredibly excited to lead the conference to new heights. Outside of the club, Jason can be found researching the effects of Martian atmospheric dust on human exploration for his thesis. He is anticipating an unforgettable weekend that simultaneously provides a rewarding experience for delegates and introduces a fresh batch of smiling faces to the beautiful William and Mary campus!


Henry Crossman, Director-General

Henry Crossman is a junior from Lexington, Virginia. An active member of the College’s IR Club, he previously worked as the USG-GA for WMHSMUN 30. In addition to WMHSMUN, Henry is a research assistant for the Teaching, Research and International Policy (TRIP) Project of the Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations and is an associate editor of the Monitor Journal of International Studies. Outside of international relations, he serves on the William and Mary Undergraduate Honor Council and is a research assistant for a professor studying domestic U.S. political parties. He can't wait to welcome you to the William and Mary campus this November for this year’s iteration of the conference.

Registration Director

Claire Kartoz, Registration Director

Claire Kartoz is a junior at the College, majoring in International Relations and Environmental Policy. Outside of Model UN, Claire is a tour guide and a committed member of the Club Swim team. Having volunteered as an Orientation Aid for 2 years, she will serve as an Orientation Area Director next fall. Additionally, Claire is completing an electronic internship with the USGS. In her free time, Claire enjoys expressing her love for NJ bagels or having lunch in a cute coffee shop. Having spent last year as Conference Development Director, she can't wait to welcome delegates back to campus to enjoy another iteration of WMHSMUN!

Chief of Staff

William Ryu, Chief of Staff

Will is a sophomore from Fairfax, Virginia, majoring in Economics and minoring in Management & Organizational Leadership. After first participating in Model UN at WMHSMUN XVI and later serving on the Secretariat of his high school Model United Nations club, he joined the William & Mary International Relations Club to continue participating in and organizing conferences. He previously served as the Undersecretary-General for General Assemblies for WMIDMUN, our conference for middle school delegates, and is super excited to be part of this year's WMHSMUN Secretariat! Aside from his involvement in the International Relations Club, he is also a brother of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity. In his free time, Will loves working on improving his photography, going on road trips, planning travels abroad, and trying new food from all over the world. He's dedicated to creating the best possible conference experience for each and every delegate and can't wait to welcome everyone to the W&M campus in November!

Undersecretary-General, General Assemblies

Isabella Pizarro, Undersecretary-General, General Assemblies

Isabella is a senior at the College and is majoring in International Relations with a minor in History. She is originally from McLean, Virginia, but grew up moving from country to country. She has been involved with Model UN since her freshman year of high school – her first conference was WMHSMUN 24! Outside of the International Relations Club, Isabella is a member of the social sorority Delta Delta Delta. You can usually find her doing school work at the local coffee shop on campus. Isabella has created some great General Assembly committees and is so excited to welcome all of the delegates to campus in November!

Undersecretary-General, Specialized Agencies

Abhi Chadha, Undersecretary-General, Specialized Agencies

Abhi is a sophomore at the College, originally from Ashburn, VA. International Relations has been an integral part of Abhi’s life. Having competed in high school extensively and served on the secretariat of his high school team, he has since become an active member of the International Relations Club at William & Mary (IRC). He has travelled with the group and staffed a variety of conferences. In his role as Undersecretary-General of Specialized Agencies, Abhi is responsible for the overall vision and creation of the seven Specialized Agencies at WMHSMUN. As someone who participated in Specialized Agencies at the three WMHSMUN’s he attended, Abhi is excited to create an unforgettable delegate experience. Outside of IRC, Abhi is a Senator for the Class of 2020 in the Student Assembly Senate and the Finance Chair of Griffin Bhangra, a competitive South Asian dance team on campus.

Undersecretary-General, Crisis Committees

Jake Ferrara, Undersecretary-General, Crisis Committees

Jake is a sophomore from Alexandria, VA, double-majoring in Government and Economics. He's been an active member of the William & Mary International Relations Club since the beginning of his freshmen year, serving as a committee director for WMHSMUN 30 and being a part of the staff for WMIDMUN and &MUN. Outside of IR club, Jake conducts research with AidData, a research lab at the Institute for the Theory & Practice of International Relations, and is a brother and the Risk Management Chair of the Delta Phi Fraternity. He can usually be found at the Marketplace Dining Hall with his favorite chicken tenders, or wearing one of his many Hawaiian shirts around campus.

Media Director

Manjari Kumarappan, Media Director

Manjari Kumarappan is a senior at William and Mary from Northern Virginia. She is pursuing a self-designed major in Public Health and Chemical Sciences, contrasting her ever growing passion for design. She has been involved with Model United Nations and WMHSMUN itself for the past eight years and was the Media Director for WMHSMUN 30. More than anything, she wants to make this conference a very memorable one as it will be her last WMHSMUN. Outside of the International Relations Club, Manjari serves as a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity and works as both a Chemistry Teaching Assistant and the Campus Ambassador for the Peace Corps. She can’t wait to surprise you in the months leading up to the conference and make sure you say hello when you get here!

Director of Conference Development

Alexandra Neumann, Director of Conference Development

Alex Neumann is a sophomore from South Africa studying Government and Psychology. A thirst for knowledge and extensive traveling has fostered her love for international affairs. The International Relations Club was the first organisation she joined when she came to William and Mary. She immediately got involved by serving on the WMHSMUN 30 secretariat as Assistant Media Director, and directed a committee on the Ebola outbreak at WMIDMUN XV. Outside of WMHSMUN, Alex is a copy editor for the the university newspaper, The Flat Hat, and is involved in research tracking ethnic violence. In her free time, she enjoys obsessing over dogs, drinking tea, and planning travel trips. She can’t wait to serve on secretariat again, and is eager to construct wonderful experiences for all delegates.

Director of Technology

Abby Bilenkin, Director of Technology

Abby Bilenkin is a sophomore from central New Jersey majoring in computer science. Outside of Model UN, Abby revises students' scholarship essays as a Peer Scholarship Advisor, does statistical analysis on information collected from shark tags, and is a member of W&M's chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. In her free time, Abby enjoys reading, writing music, and playing acoustic guitar. She is super excited to be Director of Technology for WMHSMUN 31 and can't wait to contribute to and improve delegate experience at the conference.

Charge d'affaires

Emiline Walker, Charge d'affaires

Emeline Walker is a currently a freshman at the College, from Vienna, Virginia, and hopes to double major in International Relations and French. She has participated in Model United Nations since high school, and is ecstatic to be serving on WMHSMUN XXXI’s secretariat. Outside of the International Relations Club, Emeline is also a member of William and Mary’s Women’s Chorus, and will soon become a volunteer at the Avalon Center in Williamsburg. She looks forward to welcoming all of the delegates and making their WMHSMUN experience as impactful as possible!