Letter from the Secretary-General...

Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisors, and Friends of WMHSMUN,

Founded in 1987 by the International Relations Club, the William and Mary High School Model United Nations conference (WMHSMUN) seeks to enhance appreciation for modern global politics and international relations by providing stimulating forums for debate mediated by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. WMHSMUN, over its long history, has aimed to offer committees that are varied in scope so that every delegate walks away with a better understanding of diplomacy and global issues.

For its 31st year, WMHSMUN seeks to branch out to the international community and bring in as many international Model UN teams as possible. As a conference that prides itself on inclusivity and global awareness, reaching out to join hands with the rest of the world seems only fitting. With its international outreach and astounding assortment of committees, WMHSMUN XXXI promises to be more diverse and unique than ever before.

Spanning vast time periods and geographic locations, these committees will provide delegates with the opportunity to find solutions to our world’s most pressing issues. From the World Health Organization 2050 to the Kashmir Peace Talks to the Frank Underwood Administration, WMHSMUN XXXI will continue the tradition of excellence while being innovative and novel.


Jason Nykorczuk