We will provide buses for transportation between the William & Mary campus and the Woodlands Hotel and Suites before and after committee sessions and special events each day. The Woodlands is able to accommodate many types of vehicles. Feel free to consult their staff with any concerns.

Please note that transportation will ONLY be provided to and from the Woodlands Hotel and Suites - schools staying elsewhere will be responsible for their own transportation.

As always, individual schools may use their own buses for transportation around the campus and to the hotels. For those delegations who wish to use their own buses on campus during the conference: Please use the Gooch Drive side of the Sadler Center to pick up and drop off your delegates [highlighted below in gold]. Buses that attempt to use the Stadium Drive road to Sadler will be turned away and directed to Gooch Drive. The entrance will be through the lower level of the Sadler Center. Long term parking for buses will be on Brooks Street, as marked in green. It is approximately an 8-minute walk from the Sadler Center.

Please keep Stadium Drive and James Blair Drive clear at all times for the WMHSMUN shuttle service buses and emergency vehicles.

For all other personal vehicles and "Transportation Independent" schools: After Friday at 5:00, all drivers may park on campus in spaces designated for Faculty/Staff/Residents/Day Students. However, the following designations are reserved and enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

Schools not using the Shuttle Service provided by the conference should direct their drivers to the parking lot behind the Sadler Center along Gooch Drive. This minimizes congestion in the delegate bus route pick-up located in front of the Sadler Center. Overflow spaces are available in the Zable Stadium Parking lot along Stadium Drive. Parking for the entire conference is also available at the Woodlands Hotel.